2 Custom Macro Meal a Day for 5 Days (10 Weekly Recurring)

2 Custom Macro Meal a Day for 5 Days (10 Weekly Recurring)

$150.00 Regular Price
$112.50Sale Price

This is our Special One-Time Only Black Friday Promational Package Product.  10 Custom Macro Meals weekly for the entire year of 2021. 


Each week you will be receive 2 Meals a Day for 5 Days a Week for a total of 10 Custom Macro Meals a Week at 25% discount.


Choose the Size (see below) based on the amount of Protein you'd be needing and the Quantity should be left at 1, unless you want 20 Meals.


  • Small:  4 - 5 oz of protein
  • Medium: 6 - 7 oz. of protein
  • Large: 8 - 9 oz. of protein
  • XLarge: 10 - 12 oz of protein


  • Details and Exceptions of the Deal

    **This Deal can be cancelled at any time.  If you cancel, you forfeit the special black friday promotional price.


    *** You are allowed to suspend meals for a total of 5 weeks, either consecutively, or occasionally through out the year for any reason and remain in the discounted program.  If you need to suspend any weeks beyond a total of 5 weeks in the year, you will no longer be elligible for the special Black Friday Price, and will be paying full price.



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