At FitFreaks Meals, we strive to cater to each individuals’ specific needs. If you have a coach or a trainer that gives you a customized meal plan, we will provide you with delicious meals, prepared with the exact macros required. As competitors ourselves, we understand the importance of exact macros. We’ve learned that enjoying your food, while still obtaining your ultimate look, is needed to aid in staying on point. We’ve definitely mastered flavor. 

    We also provide standard meals for those of you simply looking for a healthy meal option. Unsure regarding what exactly you should be eating and want a little guidance? We can assist you there as well. We can provide you a meal plan based on your goals and what ever meals you’d like prepared, we create to those specifications. 

Now that you know a little more about us and what we can provide, come give us a try!


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Who We Are

Fit Freaks Meals was created by Melissa and David Merrill. They both have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle. Melissa would prepare her and David's meals each week and quickly discovered she had a passion for cooking healthy meals. Friends and family began asking for advice, ideas and eventually for her to prepare their meals for them. After a while she found her true calling was providing healthy, delicious meals for others, aiding in their journey to a healthier, fit life. What started as a hobby, quickly grew into something so much more.

David, through living this lifestyle, found his true calling was nutrition and fitness. He dove into learning as much about nutrition, the human body and how the body reacts to different foods. David has since become PN1 Certified.

Both are pursuing their dreams of obtaining that IFBB Pro status, as well as, growing FitFreaks to be known everywhere. They can't wait for both dreams to come true!

At Fit Freaks Meals, we truly understand all obstacles that come your way. We designed our meals to aid our clients in whatever goal it is they have. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight, maintain or simply looking for a little assistance with a busy schedule, we have a plan that will work for you.